This site was started when I discovered several old packets of negatives at the bottom of a cardboard box at a Colorado flea market, in October 2014.  

They were amazing shots that deserved to be preserved, and seen, and they reaffirmed for me the power of photography. But finding these negatives also made me wonder... how many other great vintage photos are out there that have never seen the light of day? How many great unknown photographers are out there waiting to be discovered?

The search goes on, in flea markets, garage sales, antique stores. 

Any prints found in the 'Prints' gallery will be higher quality, suitable for larger prints, and are for sale. Any money I make from the sales of prints (which has been zero so far :) will go back into feeding my photo hunting habits and maintaining this site. Thanks for supporting, and looking! Hope you enjoy!

You can email me at

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